Striving to provide unique programs and tools that foster the LOVE of reading in children!

Giving Books to Local Children

  • Participate in local food banks and school lunch programs giving out children's books with every box of food.

  • Supply books to local children’s hospitals.

  • Backpack giving programs.

  • Personalized bi-lingual books customized to each child, introducing them to a new language. The educational books have stories that include the child’s name, school, city, age, teacher, and friends. In these educational books, the child becomes the STAR of the story!

Reading with

Shepherd Daisy

This program fosters the love of reading through pets! How fun is that? Children will be encouraged to read 15 minutes to their pets: dogs, cats, goldfish, teddy bear or even a pet rock! 

​Global Give-A-Book in coordination with the Humane Society, will give books to children encouraging them to read to their pets!

Through our partnership with PetClub 247, they are generously giving GGAB 15% of all of the purchases made

through this link🐾

which will help us expand our efforts and make a greater impact with GGAB’s “Reading with Shepherd Daisy” program!

The Adventures of Twirling Girl

Global Give-A-Book Inc. in conjunction with Christi LeFevre, have donated hundreds of copies of The Adventures of Twirling Girl. The success of this project has proven that when a community comes together, great things happen. Let's keep it going!

"This true story proved so much to me at a very young age that even today,  I do a little twirling!” -Christi LaFevre

Hometown Heroes

Global Give-A-Book Director of MultiMedia is Jordan Oliver. The published author of Drafted. You've been chosen for a war that's been won. The battle is to believe it!  

Jordan is also the co-founder of Triple Braided Cord Co.  In an effort to spread love and support for our hometown heroes, Global Give-A-Book is excited to announce a partnership with TBC.  We will be giving copies of Drafted to our heroes- police officers, firefighters and military personnel. 


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